What is smart home

Home automation solutions

The smart home concept became very popular among home owners in the last 10 years. At the present moment there are reliable and affordable technologies that improve security, comfort and energy efficiency and allow control of virtually everything:

  • HVAC
  • Lighting
  • CCTV, security and access control
  • Multimedia

These technologies could be implemented in both existing and new homes.

Domotics Solutions

System architecture

Smart systems components


They could be hardware or software. Hardware sensors give feedback for physical sates – opening a door, light intensity, temperature, gaz, CO2 or water leakage etc. Software sensors link the domotics system to internet events, the phone or the PC of the user (location, current wifi network, the status of a media center, etc.)


Relays, contactors, sockets, alarms, switches and lamps, electric padlocks, CCTV and other devices that trigger actions in the home.


It is the brain of the system. The controller “speaks” with the sensors and the actuators according to the user settings. It is also an interface to internet for remote control and monitoring.


Besides the automatic control when a particular event occures (ex. open window, temperature change, movement detection etc.) the user can manualy control the smart devices from everywhere in the world – using a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Control devices for domotics applications

Domotics network

The controller, sensors and actuators communicate in a network that could be wireless (Z-wave, Zeegbe, WiFi, Bluetooth …) or wired (KNX, Ethernet, CanOpen …). At Domotics Blog we focus on most common and reliable solutions – Z-wave and Apple HomeKit for existing homes and KNX for new ones.