Smart Home with Domoticz

Why choosing Domoticz

If you are at the point of choosing a management platform and controller for a wireless home automation system – consider Domoticz. It is a reliable, free and open source software that makes possible to build your smart home step-by-step and master the investment.

Cost: free.
Security: unlike Zipabox and similar architectures that store your settings in the cloud, Domoticz is trully yours.
Updates: Domoticz is an open, colaborative and popular software. Its libraries are quickly updated with the profiles of the latest smart products.
Hardware: You can install Domoticz on Windows or Linux distrubutions (including on Raspberry Pi). Use your old laptop to test and set-up, then go with an optimized and energy efficient hardware – RPi, Synology NAS or other small linux PC.
User-friendly interface and programming: if you are new to programming, Domoticz features easy to understand logic blocks (blockly). They will help you to build your function intuitively – almost like a puzzle. Advanced users can use lua, python or php scripting.
Blockly programming in Domotics
Control interface: You can control your smart home from a browser or with apps for Android and iPhone.
Protocols support: The software supports a number of wireless and wired protocols (Z-wave, EnOcean, 1Wire, X10, Chacon, LightwaveRF, Oregon Scientific, Visonic, Somfy RTS, WiFi, Ethernet IP etc.) All you need is to plug an adapter for your portocol. Ex. for Z-wave add a Z-wave USB dongle to your machine.

Domoticz app for tablets
View of Domotics client app on a tablet.
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